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New Routines

It’s been a long (and a little scary) week, but things are better now.  I’ll be getting back to my routine, a new routine, starting tomorrow, at home with my boys. As I said on Facebook yesterday, I sure do love my family.  That’s all I’ll say about them for now. I had appointments with both my psychiatrist and my therapist this week and they thought I am doing “fantastically well,” as my therapist put it.  My pdoc told me to remember that I am a human being and that my illness is just something I deal with, so he wants me to stop going to two therapists.  That means no more visits to the Local Friendly Mental Ward aftercare; he thought I should just go to my normal group therapy and for individual with my normal therapist.  I’m okay with that, though I will miss the therapist at the hospital. I’ve been doing a lot of knitting this week, with size 4 needles and small yarn and the shortest little circular needles I’ve ever seen.  It’s different to not pop out a project within a few hours as I’ve been working on the same little hat all week long […]

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