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Mission Statement Amended

So, today has been rough as the antibiotics are not being nice to my body.  Sore throat is almost gone, but the trade-off is not easy on my tummy.  Feeling physically bad has just made the depression all the worse.  Poor J, I won’t really let him help the way he wants to.  Today was supposed to be a workday but I called in since I feel so bad.  Luckily, today is also a school day for both boys, so at least they’re getting socialization. I’ve re-worked the blog a little bit and it helps some.  I’m still not happy and likely won’t be until I learn some CSS.  But it’s been a diversion I can work on from the bed, which is where I’ve refused to leave for a while. I’ve been tweaking the mission statement some over the past few weeks.  Time for a final run-through: “My mission is to be a steward of empathy, encouragement, kindness, and creativity to everyone I meet. “As a partner, I pledge to practice tolerance and balance, in order to always support J as we grow together.  I will actively use my imagination to remember that the possibilities in our life together […]

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