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A Little Serenity

I’m up today within the yummy morning window.  I’ve had time to write.  Laundry is on and I’m about to do the ten minutes of yoga for which I currently have stamina. Balance is what I seek today.  In the lull of normal life, I just want a normal, moderately productive day. I sit in front of the computer screen too much, looking at other women’s blogs which make life as mommy look unrealistically glamourous.  I look at the words and pictures which pour forth from these blogs and compare my own meager attempts at a web presence, comparing for no good reason because my own blog bursts full of my own creativity which is completely unique to me. Today, I will be more present as a mother and less present on social media. When the sun comes up I will sit on my front porch and drink whatever caffeinated beverage I can find in the kitchen.  I will read a devotional today.  I will actually clean house a little bit.  Today will be filled with peace and gratitude for my wonderfully mundane life. I’ve had days that weren’t quite so normal, on both sides of the spectrum.  I’m slowly […]

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Redefining Myself

I’m a self-defined workaholic who’s been in recovery for a while now.  My identity used to be wrapped up in whatever job I had at the time…and I’ve had a few cool jobs in my time.  But since my mental illness currently precludes my holding down a steady job for any length of time, I’ve been forced to look elsewhere (thankfully) for my self-worth. What does this mean?  It means I don’t look to a job title anymore to define my identity.  I’m not a “Such-and-Such Assistant” or a “This-and-That Specialist” anymore. At first, this loss of external identity was devastating.  If I couldn’t be working anywhere cool with an equally cool job title, then what did that mean about me? As an example of the extremes to which I used to take my job responsibilities, take the time Liam was 7 weeks old and had a high fever.  I took him to the ER and stayed with him while they did the spinal tap to make sure he didn’t have meningitis.  But once it was over, once Jared had arrived at the hospital, about 1 in the morning I flaked out completely on my family.  I went home in […]

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Friday Night Family Night

Tonight we went to see “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax,” and then to the park.  It was a fantastic family night, though I will say that my boys were on the fringe of being just old enough for “The Lorax.”  At times, both of them thought it was a little scary. J gave me some good photography advice tonight.  He said, “Just start snapping and get as many pictures as you can.”  He’s right; I’ve been far too concerned about getting just the right pose.  As a result, the boys get bored and look miserable in most of the pictures I take.  I think tonight was much more enjoyable for all on the picture front at the park.  Here are some of the better shots I got: a rare goofy shot of J I am in love with my little family, for sure.

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