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Composed in the Fort

Composed in the Fort, Family

Summer Family Fun

We had an excellent time today with friends!  Then, not knowing how long the break in the rain would last, we headed off to the pool.  Be-Bop and Rock Steady are making sure progress with getting comfortable with the water.  It was really fun and I found myself honestly giggling for the first time in a while!  My children are really goofballs.  I love their personalities for many reasons, but each of them particularly has a good sense of humor. After so many days of posting, I’m starting to get a little writer’s block.  Part of the problem is I’ve been waiting until late at night, when I’m tired, to post.  That will have to change for tomorrow, I think.  But for now, this is all I’ve got.

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Composed in the Fort, Family, How my husband saved the day

My J: My Hero

I don’t sing praises to my J often enough. He loves me and the boys. That would be enough for me. He goes to work every day to make a living for us. That helps and is extra. He never hesitates to take over when I am tired, regardless of the time of day or task at hand. That is far above what would be required of him and is another extra. He understands my past. He accepts that there are demons I fight every day and he recognizes that there are days when reality overwhelms me. When I ask, he’s there for any psychiatrist and therapist appointment. It’s not just that he accepts my mental illness. He’s helping me get better. This man fills my reminder pill boxes and reminds me nightly to take my medicine. It’s so much fun to watch J with our boys. They idolize him, rightfully so. He’s teaching them to become men. I will be happy if they retain his integrity and sense of love for his family. If I’m lucky, they’ll learn much more than that from him. Some women have to worry about a man with wandering eyes. My only jealousies have […]

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Composed in the Fort, Impulse that will last the rest of my life

My Mission Statement

I’m taking this development class and as part of it, I am to write a personal mission statement.  I am way ahead of the class and my instructors would probably frown on it, but I worked through the rest of the material all afternoon today and came up with my mission statement.  For the record, this is the second time I have taken this class.  I took a lot less time and knew a lot less about myself the first go ’round, so my mission statement was, looking back, very contrived and forced.  This one just flowed: “My mission is to be a steward of empathy, encouragement, kindness, and creativity to everyone I meet. “As a partner, I pledge to practice tolerance and balance in order to always support J as we grow.  I will use my imagination to remember that the possibilities of our service to the world are endless. “As a mother, I will model my values of authenticity, integrity, tolerance, happiness, balance, creativity, love, and fairness for Be-Bop and Rock Steady as they grow, in the hopes that they will grow to be self-aware individuals who make positive contributions to the world in the unique way they […]

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