About Caroline

Except for the two years I threw a perpetual temper tantrum in Iowa, I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life.  My husband Jared and I have three boys, Porter, Liam, and Oliver,who keep us on our toes.  Eccentric is a good label for me and my lifestyle.

I graduated from Georgia State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies and it’s a miracle I graduated given how scattered I was at the time.  I’m a mental health consumer who struggles daily with balance.  

There’s a lot that I said I’d never do, that I’ve done.  Life’s been a lesson in refraining from judgment of others.

I hang out at local coffee shops, wherever has working wi-fi.  

I fashion bits of creativity into being.  I write little notes.  That’s the short of it.

I do run a photography business, Caroline Price Photography. It is very small-time. I have photographed 28 weddings since mid-2017, and probably close to 100 family and children’s sessions.

My Family, April 2022

My dream for MentalCamera.com is that is becomes a repository for photography as a mental health tool. My photography has at times been my lifeline to good health and I want to promote how accessible photography is for this purpose. Right now, this site is comprised of related posts I wrote for other personal blogs between 2010 and the present.

If you are interested in contributing a post, I’d be honored and would love to collaborate with you. Get in touch!

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