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A New Baby is in the House: GFX 50SII

A new baby is in the house: a New Camera

A new baby is in the house.

I have completely switched camera systems and I am ecstatic about this fact.

With Jared’s blessing, I have sold all of my Fuji X Series gear to KEH. This is because there is a Fuji GFX 50SII in the house now.

I thought I would desperately be missing my 50mm f1 lens. Or the 35mm f1.4 lens. But the kit lens from the 50SII is in another league altogether. I am not going to rush to buy a proper portrait lens for a good, long, while.

This decision was not without much debate and heart searching. I have been pining away for Fuji medium format for years now– ever since I heard they were releasing a Fuji medium format camera in 2017. I honestly thought it would forever be out of reach due to price. But, the 50SII is, cost-wise, not more expensive than some full frame cameras with a lens. And that kit lens on the GFX50SII– it’s a 35-70mm f4.5-5.6, which translates into roughly a 17-35mm on the aps-c cameras I am used to shooting. It’s definitely not a traditional portrait lens and I will at some point want to pick up the 80mm f1.7. But, that creamy bokeh and the subject separation– it’s all there with this lens and camera, as is predictable with medium format.

One Camera, One Lens

Due to price I will be a one-camera, one-lens girl for quite a while and I am a-okay with that fact. It’s actually quite comfortable to only have 1 camera and 1 lens to keep up with and store. If, by some weird twist of fate, a wedding pops up and I need backup gear, I will charge enough to be able to rent what I need. But, that is not likely to happen soon. And in the meantime, what I have is perfect for around the house shots, getting deep into my creative zone, and the occasional family portraits or headshots.

love, Caroline

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