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All is Well

All is Well: New House! New House!

All is well: All went well with both closings, and voila! We have a new house.

It’s pretty much my dream house and since we had new flooring done two days after closing (a week ago now), I am even starting to forget what the old flooring looked like. The boys’ bedrooms and the hallway have been painted, and movers move us in this next Thursday.

We went with pleated shades instead of keeping the original mini-blinds. We’ve replaced a handful of light fixtures, and our painter has the goal of having the main living areas done before move-in on Thursday.

The Babies

MowMow, our cat, moved directly from the old house to the new house the day of closing on the new house. She desperately wishes we were already living there full-time– she has made it abundantly clear that she is lonely even though we check in on her at least twice a day and try to spend some time with her.

All is well: Trixie and Abby have been champs at Mama and Daddy’s with us. Mama said she would keep Abby, which is high praise indeed for Abby. But she is my baby.

We’ve got to have the new furnace looked at because when Jared tried to change out the old thermostat for a new Nest thermostat, it gave a wire warning code. We don’t know what that means.


I fell off the wagon and reached out to Steve, the ex, but I have now blocked him again. He is not making long-term good choices that will help him and the reality is, my mind is more peaceful and I am happier with that distance and not knowing what is going on in his life.

All is Well: Booster Shot

I got my Covid booster shot yesterday. I felt mostly fine today, though in retrospect I have probably been more tired than is typical. Mostly, I just have a sore right arm from the shot. I’m a Moderna girl, and I’m not unhappy that I stumbled into that choice. I went to Cedartown to get my shot, and there was no wait at all. I also got a next-day appointment, which I was thankful for.

In random family trivia, my grandmother Ike’s 105th birthday would have been today. She died 26 and a half years ago, when I was 14. If I am completely honest, I only remember her in snippets. I remember that even when I was a teenager she still liked to kiss me. And, she made the very BEST banana bread and I’ve never had any as good anywhere else. And she gave the best presents, always toys and always the perfect thing for a little girl.

I guess that is all for now.

love, Caroline

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