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I am going to need a new journal soon. I started my current journal on December 28, 2019 and miraculously I have kept with it all this time.

I might switch to Moleskine notebooks instead of a formal journal. They are better for purses. And, I have several of Moleskine notebooks sitting around. But, regardless….the journal has to have no lines, like a sketchbook. I like the freedom to make my pages have as many lines of text as I feel like filling up.

All this to say, I love private, on paper journaling. But, I have desperately missed blogging. I love my people and I miss talking to you. I just have a brain the psychs me out for no good reason.

This has been the week I have gotten real about my health. I joined the Peloton app and have taken baby steps into learning about Pilates. I am still working the Noom program. I am working to balance sitting positions and sit up straighter when I am sitting in the recliner. I am drinking tons of water.

I’ve kept the light therapy lamp on most of the day to fight off late winter blah’s.

So ready for Spring!

This has also been the week I’ve been facing our mortality….lol. Sort of lol. Jared and I have started working on our wills. It’s way past time to have our affairs in order. We don’t have a lot but we want our wishes regarding the boys respected.

I have been all over the place this winter regarding my photo gear.

First it was a new-to-me Nikon APS-C DSLR, a D5600. It came with a 35mm 1.8. lens and a 10-20mm lens. I invested in an 18-200 lens as a walkaround lens for it.

Then, it was a Nikon D750 that came with a Sigma 24-105mm f4 lens. I then bought an 85mm 1.8 for it.

Then, I gifted (which I stand by 100%) my Fuji X-T20 and a 35mm lens to a friend and aspiring photographer.

My last wedding in January, I shot with the Fuji X-H1 and the D750.

All this to say, I have been having a gear identity crisis. But, I am nearly through it. And Fuji is winning out.

Hear me out:

The D750 is nifty. Even the D5600 is awesome in good light. However, I am not convinced that it is worth investing in more lenses for the D750. I love full-frame for portraits. But when I need reach, I need reach. At weddings, I need reach. So, I think the X-H1’s and the zooms will remain perfect for that purpose. I am not unhappy running dual systems and I do not regret having invested in the DSLR’s. I love my Nikon 35mm 1.8, and so I am happy with the decision to gift my Fuji 35mm. And the X-T20 literally sat there doing nothing for a year.

Moving forward, however, I am 99% certain that when investing in new gear, that gear will be Fuji. I am still holding out for the 50mm 1.0 lens, even though it is forever on backorder and may never be in stock again.

However, I am happy to have toyed around with the DSLR’s, because now. I. know. And I can move forward with eyes wide open.

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