Studio, Edited: Inspiration

a new corner of the studio

So. The studio is going through an evolution. I needed to be inspired by this space, and some rearranging gave me that inspiration.

So now, I sit in the studio, with a new writing corner facing the light that is coming through the bay window, in a beautiful room surrounded by furniture and objects that all have meaning for me. I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks sitting in the dark corner of the office that is mine, a space that gets most of its light from the overhead pendant lights. It is wonderful to share that space with Jared, too, for writing surfaces and larger projects. No looking back from converting the dining room to an office.

This little corner of the studio, though, it gets beautiful light all day long and there is something about spending time in a beautiful space that gives me a kind of inspiration and energy. And sitting here, I am facing my Nannie’s pretty furniture in the opposite corner. Things are easily moved if there is a client need.

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