Quarantine = Bored

quarantine = bored
The subject of much consternation– our house

Quarantine = bored. I am pretty flighty by nature. I know that much about myself.

In 2016, when we bought this house, the first house that caught my eye was a little two bedroom house here in town that was for sale for $45k. I had my sights set on the tiny house movement and I was gonna pile all three of my growing boys in one bedroom and we were gonna have that sucker paid off in five or six years. Ability to own outright, fast, was all I cared about.

Nevermind that the outside of the house was painted asbestos siding.

We bought the opposite of that. Sort of. I mean, comparatively….. 2400 square feet is not small. Nor was the mortgage exactly, though in retrospect we didn’t assume more debt than was appropriate to do given our situation, or our debt-to-income ratio.

I had to be talked into coming to see this house because I was not impressed by the photos. Once I saw it in person, it was all over mostly because of the parquet floor in the family room and Oliver playing in the yard during the showing, a yard that he refuses to step into now because of bugs and bees. But that is a post for another day.

I love our house. I really do. My family and I have worked our tails off to make it exactly what we want it to be. There are only a couple of projects left and then it really will be a matter of de-cluttering the place for the millionth time in nearly four years.

But man….. let me just say this quarantine stuff is getting. to. me.

Quarantine = Bored: The Houses

My poor real estate agent friend Dena has been through the ringer with me every day. It was a hobby earlier in the year to look for houses with masters on the main level. Dena said, “Caroline, if it gets to that point, you can put in a lift.”

Of course, she is right.

But it didn’t stop the looking. For a while when the initial shock of the COVID situation set in I was just thankful to have a safe place to live and all my previous problems seemed so small.

And, they still do seem pretty miniscule. It’s like this meme I shared the other day about depression. I have the best life, arguably, of anybody I know and I am exceedingly grateful for that fact. I have a defective brain that defaults to worry and when there is nothing legitimate to worry about, I invent things to worry about. Believe me, deep down I know I have the first-world version of first-world problems. We even have all the allergies in the house mostly under control, which is a miracle given that pollen season isn’t completely over yet.

But, boredom……. My brain likes to make up problems when it is bored.

Ah…..Zillow, My Old Friend

So, the Zillow searches re-commenced. First, there was a house that has been sitting for a while, and has been reduced. But it is in Villa Rica and our LIVES are in Carrollton. And it needs a complete re-do. But, 3,500 square feet was appealing.

And four years ago I wanted a tiny house. Some days, I still want a tiny house. I am not stable in my desires. Thankfully, this is also how I know it is not the time to be making big decisions. Especially thankfully, Dena doesn’t take me seriously when I text her multiple new addresses daily.

Then, yesterday…. a beautiful Victorian style 4 bedroom built in 1900. In Rockmart. Again, our lives are in CARROLLTON. But man, that mortgage payment, and pretty. But sitting on .29 acres (we have .84 acres) AND 1900 houses are bad news I am told. I am a sucker for ancient hardwood floors and trim, though.

And then, the icing on the cake– a 4-bedroom mansion-type house in Heflin, AL, also built in 1900. It’s hard to tell whether it is in an industrial side of town and the kitchen is a nightmare, but the rest of that house…..and again, that mortgage. But there’s probably $75K worth of work to put into it. So maybe not a deal after all. And, if we moved to Alabama, there goes the HOPE scholarships.

Our House

Jared has taken to telling me, “Caroline, we have 24% equity in our current house. If you saw our house on Zillow for our total remaining mortgage amount, would you be interested?”

The truth is, I would have a fit to buy yesterday if I found our house in our current mortgage range today. There’s nothing currently on the market even remotely like it for what we currently owe. If we sold, we’d be paying more and getting much less. I didn’t think we got a good deal when we bought the house. But….. I know now we got a fantastic deal. Our timing was perfect.

I did a helpful exercise the other day…..I actually took pictures with the intent to send them to Dena to see if she could generate unofficial interest in our house with any of her people.

I never sent the pictures. I came to my senses once I saw the photos and remembered…. I LOVE. MY. HOUSE.

And, I do love my house. But man, am I bored.


I alternate between bored and anxious. As I have said, quarantine = bored. I am having real trouble just picking up the camera for the sake of picking up the camera right now, though I did finally rearrange the gear collection so that it would be ready to leave the house. I feel like I have taken pictures of everything in the house so many times over the past couple of years and the boys have questionable home COVID haircuts right now so the idea of having them pose (or not pose) is not really appealing either. And, Jared is busy with work and church. And there are only so many pictures of kids playing video games that are appealing. The flowers in the yard are mostly gone.

I have a million excuses to not be creative with the camera. And, that’s what they are, excuses.

A motivated photog can always find a way. I just need the motivation.

I need a session or a wedding day. I desperately miss my clients.

Quarantine = Bored: We. Do. Not. Need. Another. Dog.

And when it’s not real estate, it’s dogs. I have looked at more dogs on Petfinder (and actually submitted an application on one) in the last month than is decent to admit.

We. do. not. need. another. dog. Adding another dog to the household would send Abby, my codependent dog, into an apoplectic fit.

And, cats are not an option because of allergies. Or litter box issues.


I don’t know what comes next. I know it is going to be a long summer for me and the boys. I am eager to get back out shooting and reconnecting with friends and clients, but I don’t know that I will be taking on sessions before June 1 even if I am allowed to do so, out of an abundance of caution. We continue to wear masks out to stores, etc. and Jared will wear one when he goes back to work on site.

Stay healthy, everybody.

love, Caroline

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