Slow Days

slow days
Porter and Liam, June or July 2013

It is a season of slow days…..we are cleaning out around these parts, in slow motion.

In lieu of laundry day, I am doing a little bit of laundry just about every day right now. I go easy on myself on the days I don’t feel like starting a new load.

Plans are in motion for long held and wished for projects. A new handmade wooden kitchen counter. A matching counter for the bar. Painted ivory kitchen cabinet doors. A new roof for the shed. Maybe a she-shed later? Or a man-cave? Or maybe just a place to keep the lawnmower and some other tools.

I have two crochet blankets in motion and even with all the time on my hands, they probably won’t be finished by the time quarantine and social distancing are called off. I crochet when I have literally nothing else to do, as a distraction to melancholy.

We let the dogs out onto the deck the other day for the first time. Those squirrels that Trixie likes to bark at are not so friendly-looking when they are perched, ready to pounce from the roof. Trixie decided inside might be better. The dogs like to go outside for brief jaunts but that are just as happy to trot inside when we go back inside, with little coaxing.

We wait for the day when it is safe to gather with friends and family again.

Keep Moving in Slow Days

It is a beautiful day outside again today, and this evening will see more lawn mowing. It helps to keep moving. And, it also helps to not watch more than thirty minutes of news every day.

Slow days also means having super low expectations of productivity through the day. Then, whatever I accomplish is a win.

Porter is keeping himself on a schedule. He gets up at 5 am. I am not feeling the call to be that disciplined yet.

My friend Mimi made Jared a mask. I’m glad he has something to help protect him when he goes out to the store now. He said he got a few chuckles on his grocery run today.

So. Thankful.

All in all, I am happy right now. My psychiatrist says the fact that I am not a basket case through all this means that my medicines are working. I’ll take that and run with it.

love, Caroline

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