School Beginnings: The First Weeks of Have Been….

The first weeks of school have been…..

…..great for the kids!

…..hard on this mama.

My babies….I miss them during the day. Building up to summer I dread and worry about what we will do to fill the time. Somehow, that always works itself out, though, as it did both this summer and summer before last. However, once school starts back, suddenly I find myself with roughly seven hours of nothing to fill the day with.

I read my daily devotional and blog haunts. I am trying to exercise more. Occasional coffee dates are starting to happen. The training to be able to volunteer at Oliver’s school was last week, and I attended it.

The effort is somewhat there.

Sleep is an easy answer. I get up some mornings to help with the morning routine. More often than not, whether I get up early or not, I go back to bed and sleep till midday. That has been a problem.

I think my antidepressant is still working. There’s just no good routine in place, more effort needs to be made to filling the days with more than just zoning out.

I miss my babies.

Photo Days

It has been a bit of a photographic crisis, too. Other than two weddings coming up in October and November, I haven’t done a great deal of marketing to drive up business. My heart just hasn’t been in it. But, I also haven’t been picking up the camera to do personal projects much either. There’s a day on my calendar every month to be able to say, “Hey, here’s a photo day for the entire day,” but I have yet to actually use one of those days.

Ideally, a photo day would consist of me going somewhere out of the house, preferably for several hours at a time.

The kids have adapted well and welcomed the change in routine. I am happy for them that they get to see their friends and get to have a full day. I am just lousy at creating full days for myself that don’t consist of only housework or internet reading.

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