Forward Momentum

It’s time to think forward, not back.

I hold a lot of anger about the past. Me being angry, though, doesn’t make a bit of difference on the outcome of any of those situations. Being angry only hurts me.

I’ve started meditating as a means to bring peace to my brain. Also, it reminds me to think about now and the future, not the past.

I have excellent things and people in my life and I am thrilled to be able to invest in them. I am no longer dedicating energy to life-draining people or projects.

I recently got a high compliment on the featured image here, which I took on June 16, 2019. Someone told me I nailed the film photography look. That is exactly what I was going for.

My goal is to be a hybrid wedding photographer…..shooting film and digital. For now, I am digital only, but I strive to make my photos look as film-like as possible. I do have a film camera I would like to be able to put to use, but it needs some work before it can be a workhorse camera.

Photography is my lifeblood. My family and my true friends are my lifelines as well. All else is to be ignored.

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