Full Speed Ahead

We have a full schedule of activities this Fall. Porter is in seventh grade, Liam is in fifth grade, and Oliver is in Pre-K.

Porter has band (he plays saxophone) and he also has soccer through the city rec. department. He has also applied for the school VEX team. Porter also wants to do an additional band program where they play at eighth grade football games.  Porter is in all honors classes including Advanced Math. His elective this semester is STEM. He is currently signed up for PE second semester as his elective but we may ask to change that due to Porter’s unique struggles that I didn’t take into consideration when I selected PE as an option last Spring.

In addition to school and extracurriculars, Porter will participate in confirmation classes at church.

Liam will play trombone in band. He has applied to be part of the Lego Robotics team. He was an alternate on last year’s Lego Robotics team but he was very loyal, going to every meeting and even tagging along to the competitions. He’s also signed up for Science and Art clubs. Outside school, Liam has signed up for Fall Baseball through the city rec. department. We have yet to decide whether we will send him on the school trip to Savannah this year, though we will have to decide that in the next week.

Oliver did soccer through the city rec. department last year, but with him starting school and riding the bus to and from school, I thought that was enough change for him for one year. He wasn’t really interested in soccer and was one of those kids that was much more comfortable sitting on the sidelines and would have picked dandelions if there were any to be had.

Will be a busy Fall!

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