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Remembering Old Dreams

I discovered blogs back in 2006 or so. I will never forget a link my friend A. sent me– it was a mom blog with a post about a toddler who had spread poop all over the kitchen counter. I was hooked.

I started following this particular mom blog and was taken with it from the start. I wanted to do something like it but the pictures were so pretty– definitely not stock pictures but not point-and-shoot pictures either. The mom on this particular blog talked about the kind of camera she used and it was out of my budget at the time. So I thought I couldn’t start a blog, because I couldn’t post pretty pictures.

The old dream wasn’t to be a photographer. The old dream was to be a blogger.

I lost sight of that dream when I bought the fancy camera. I got caught up in taking pictures for pictures’ sake. I am not the most eloquent writer and I listened once when someone told me I was much stronger at taking pictures than I was at writing, even though the dream was blogging, not taking photos.

In this transition time, though, it’s time to remember the old dream. I’ve resurrected enough old posts from other blogs to have some substance to this blog. I’ve got a domain name I finally like. I’ve got time to work on the writing part. I’ve lost the drive to have the perfect blog design in favor of building content first.

Hello, old dream.

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