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a new day

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I had a breakthrough.

I like new toys. And I am a photographer. This makes for an expensive endeavor sometimes.

Today, I decided I need no new camera gear for the foreseeable future. Like, maybe three or four years of no new gear purchases.

This is a breakthrough because the last four years or so have been a pretty constant back and forth of deciding which lenses were right, selling some, buying others.

I really was on the fence recently about whether I wanted a more compact camera than my smallest current one. I wanted nothing as far as new features, this decision was to be purely based on size.

I came to the realization a week or so ago that I really don’t want to be in a consumer mindset anymore; that I really want to be saving as much money as possible. And, that my current gear wasn’t just sufficient, it is superior to any other options.

And I decided today, after a minor mindset of wanting to spend again, that what I have is indeed sufficient. It’s more than sufficient, actually; it’s first-rate and I wouldn’t be satisfied with any potential purposes I might make.

So, spending anything on anything new would be silly and wasteful. My current setup fits in any purse I want it to fit in, anyway. I would accomplish nothing by buying new gear, except for yet another piece to just sit around.

This working it out myself to be content with what I have is new. I am working on spreading this idea to other belongings and working its implications into relationships, as well.

It feels like a new day for my mind. This is wonderful.

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