Change and acceptance are on my mind at the moment.

I’m working on being more intentional in all things. I’m trying to make more room for meditation and exercise.

With exercise in mind, I signed up and went to my first session of Jazzercise this morning. It kicked my tail in all the right places. I’ve lost 17 pounds in the past several months but I have kind of plateaued just doing it with diet alone, so it was time to find an exercise solution. It was a hard workout, but it felt good to participate. This is going to become a three times a week habit, hopefully. At least, it will be there, whether I choose to make it there or not.

A strange weight loss triumph: I’ve lost so much weight that my wedding ring is too big now. I’ve switched to wearing an old sterling silver ring for now, until I lose enough weight that I am ready to resize my ring.

Mindfulness is not a natural state for me. My mind is frequently lost in the past, not anywhere close to being in the present moment at all. It’s a hard source of my depressive states. But I am starting to connect the dots that when I am more connected to the present, I am able to find contentment more easily.

I am off to meditate.

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