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Making Home

We are taking baby steps to make this house our own.

This week, three canvases of my photographs arrived. One of them went in our foyer.

In the foyer, we also put a bench one of our good friends who’s a woodwork artist made. It doubles as a place to sit and remove shoes or a place for guests to put purses and coats or other belongings. It is awesome and I find myself sitting there more often than I expected to, just this week.

The other two canvases were photos of the dogs that I took for Oliver and Liam to have in their rooms. The canvases are hanging now in their homes and the boys are pleased.

The other step we took this week is to replace our kitchen lights. One of the fixtures was dying and the light was becoming dim (multiple bulb fixture), and we opted to replace both fixtures so that they will match. The set we picked coordinates such that we will be able to replace the dining room fixture, the fixtures in our foyer and hallway, and our stairwell fixture, over time. For now, though, the kitchen is done and I am ecstatic.

Between the foyer and the lights, it is pretty clear that our style, when left to our own devices, is pretty post-modern minimalist. It wasn’t the original style our house was designed in mind with, so the architecture presents differently from the outside of the house, but I am okay with that. It’s also a different style than the furniture we’ve inherited but I am okay with that too.

There are other steps we will be taking to get the house in order but they are more of the cleaning/organizing type than the straight up decorating type of task. We are having people over in the middle of February and I am determined that the house will be presentable and that I will do the majority of the work to get it into such state. It is high time for me to have pride in the beautiful home we have been blessed with, and to show that pride.

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