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New Work Spaces

In the spirit of establishing establishing better health and habits and in the spirit of getting our home in better shape, J and I worked on establishing dedicated work spaces in our house this weekend.

J suggested we figure out my desk situation. I’ve been doing my thing in transitional spaces: on our dining room or kitchen tables, with my journals and coloring books and photography stuff strewn all over the house. The problem, particularly in our dining room with its small window that gets no direct sunlight, is that I’ve found myself working in shadowed spaces for a very long while. It was no good for my mind’s health, for sure.

J’s solution was to put me right in my favorite spot in the whole house: the bay window of our formal living room. I was torn on this idea. After all… it was supposed to be a formal living room, right?

However, the formal living room is big, taking up probably a third of our whole first floor of our house. It had gotten to the point that none of us were spending time in it, which means it was wasted space. There’s no point in that happening, either. So, I gratefully relented on J’s generous idea and we got to brainstorming how we could make it work.

It turns out all we had to do was exchange two tables from two different rooms. No trips to the store, no major overhaul of furniture. I am very, very glad about that fact.

I am so over-the moon happy to be able to work in the morning sunlight. I am feeling refreshed, after having gathered a few of my favorite things and after having spent some time in this new space. And, I am so very thankful for J’s ingenuity at helping me figure out how to make life better in general. This space is filled with my favorite things. I also get to use one of my favorite tables I’ve known my whole life, a table my parents gave me when we bought this house but that they got when I was a little girl. The chair is one of our kitchen table chairs and it completes the space so thoroughly. Beyond pleased… I am very grateful.

That’s not all we did with the room, though.  J got a desk, as well. He’s long thought of making a mini-workspace out of a foyer table we used to use in our old foyer. In this house, it has been a display table, just taking up space. We didn’t move it from its place, but we wiped it clean of its contents and J put what he had in mind on the table. J isn’t sure the monitor or keyboard will stay forever. I am just pleased he finally has a work space that he likes. And he does far less– as in little to none– in the way of actual writing at his desks, so he is unconcerned about the lack of space for writing.

The rest of the room is still a work in progress. The furniture is all in place: we have a couch and two nice chairs along with a coffee table and the fireplace, in the space between these two desks. However, in the late Fall, I started going through some things in the garage and I brought in a lot of things that really need to find a home elsewhere. The rest of the room is not photo worthy at this point. I feel more prepared to invest more time in this room, now that I know we will be spending considerably more time in this space.

Today, I am grateful for my husband, who came up with the idea for this whole plan.

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