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Giving Thanks

I am thankful so for my children and my husband. They light up my life like none other.

These two boys in the photo above have had a rough go of it over the past year, in getting ready and welcoming their new baby brother. They have handled it with a grace and ease that– well, I have no idea where it came from.  It certainly didn’t come from me.  Their daddy has been the steadying force for them in this turbulent past year.

Graceful, brilliant, sweet-hearted, kind, funny….these are all qualities I am proud to say my children have and I cannot claim credit for any of it.  It’s just who they are.  I love them.  I love all three of my children very, very dearly.

Porter wants to be an astro-chemist, as he says, when he grows up.  He loves both chemistry and astronomy so he wants to combine both.  He loves to sing and dance and he absolutely loves to read.  He’s been singing Christmas carols for us for weeks already.

Liam loves to dance and he loves to laugh.  He has the best sense of humor of anyone I have ever known, I think.  He’s becoming quite the reader and he loves music, too.  He wants to learn to play the piano.

Oliver…..well, Oliver loves his big brothers and his dog.  He loves to cuddle and he loves to hear people sing– he likes music like his big brothers.  Oliver’s smile lights up a room, even at eight months old.

And Jared….he never forgets the little things or the big things.  He still opens doors for me.  We’ve survived nearly ten years of marriage and he still signs off emails and texts with the same little hug symbol we used when we were messaging back and forth when we were dating online way back when.  He remembers every significant date, most of the time with beautiful flowers.  He accepts me for who and what I am, even when I am a tremendously horrid mess.  In those times, he just pulls me all the closer to him.

Jared’s wisdom and careful consideration of consequences keeps me grounded when otherwise I’d fly off the handle and make impulse decisions that might have lasting consequences for our lives.  He’s remained steady even when I have made impulse decisions that have had lasting consequences for both our lives.

I am thankful that Jared is always, always, always consistent in his decisions, thought processes, reasoning and behavior.  Jared has stuck around for the long-haul and he has provided consistency in my life.  Because of his gentle consistency, I am starting to trust him in ways I never, ever thought I could trust anyone.  I may not always like the way he thinks, but I am grateful that he is a constant, steady force for good in my life.

There’s a binder– two of them, actually– with our first six months’ worth of correspondence inside, both instant messages and emails.  That’s one of the consequences of dating in the digital age, the wonderful potential to archive those things we put in print that made our hearts flutter early on in our relationship.  It seemed silly and slightly embarrassing at the time, the Christmas I assembled these binders.  But what was meant to be a present for Jared has turned out to be a gift to my own memory, reminding me whenever I get them out that the romance of so long ago is still there beneath the every day of laundry, dishes, schoolwork, illness, and other issues in this life.  That romance and the man I shared it with are right there– right here.  All I have to do is remember.

I’m thankful that right now, I remember exactly how easy it was to fall in love with my Jared.  That memory and the reality of it makes life a lot lighter and a lot easier in just the instant it takes to remember.  After all, those dreams of long ago that seemed so impossible that summer of 2003 did indeed come true.  It’s easy to forget, with my negativity-magnet for a mind, that once upon a time there was a twenty-three year old girl and a twenty-nine year old boy who lived over 1,000 miles apart from one another.  That boy sent that girl a digital “smile,” and it was all over.  Three months later and they– we– both knew it would last forever.  In the heaviness that has become life of late, it’s easy to forget just how easy that decision was to make.

So This Thanksgiving weekend, I’m thankful for my family and for dreams that come true.

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