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Perspective: Three and Photo Talk

That sweet face in the photo, that baby of mine, he has taken over life in our household.  The big boys adore him and even Abby, our puppy dog, understands that when Oliver is in our laps or when he is getting floor time that Abby has to be mindful of the baby.  We are settling into life with three and I am grateful he is here.

The fear from the pregnancy is not gone yet, though.  Oliver will be four months old this week and his head is still wobbly as all get-out when he attempts to hold it up himself, which he will not always do.  He does better when he is on his tummy, but when he sits in somebody’s lap, it’s still full-fledged bobble-head baby.  It reminds me that this pregnancy was so very different– he didn’t move much that I could feel at all, nothing like his big brothers.  And it’s irrelevant to the fears, but that hand, the very one that’s up by his head, was just in that precise position for so much of the pregnancy and that’s a good part of the reason I was begging for a c-section by the end.  And then there was the heart deceleration that led to the c-section….until I hear it out of a doctor’s mouth, I just can’t help wonder if we aren’t seeing the beginning of some degree of cerebral palsy.

That head bobble really is the only delay, though.   Intellectually, I have no worries…the child has started rudimentary laughing and he smiles all the time, turns his head to look at and follow people and Abby (especially Abby and Liam).  And the bobbing of his head is the only physical worry, too.  His early feeding issues have resolved with the addition of the rice cereal, for which we only ever had to add the the minimum amount and really, that’s way less than the modifications we made for Porter when he was a baby.  With Porter, we had to have special bottle nipples for the thickened formula such that we even had to cut the tip of the nipple (at the dr.’s direction).

But man, this kid has a piercing scream.  He’s happy most of the time to the point that when we’re at church or out and about people ask if he’s always happy.  To which we can honestly reply, “No,” and report that they are happily missing out on that piercing wail.  It really is quite loud and screeching.  But that’s just Oliver, and he’s had that scream, when he does cry, his whole life.  We got a big taste of it tonight because I decided he’s big enough for the all-in-one cloth diapers and I put him in them this evening.  Oliver didn’t think much of the feel or the fact that the cloth didn’t mask when he was wet and he let us know it immediately.

At any rate, fear of the future or no, Oliver is a beloved member of this family.

I was going to skip photography chat on this blog, but I can’t resist.  My family and my photography are my life and I’m growing more and more comfortable with the fact that a camera goes with me practically everywhere I go.

I’ve decided to stick with my mirrorless camera rather than going DSLR.  It’s mostly an economic decision.  I’ve got far more invested lens and adapter-wise than would have been worth switching to an entirely new system.  Image quality is sort-of becoming an issue but my equipment is okay.  I dream of upgrading to a full-frame mirrorless…I’ve priced out what I want and know exactly what I want… but that will wait for more financially-secure days and proper savings.  And anyway, there will always be later and greater gear-wise, and gear envy is pointless.  I can continue to improve with what I have right now.

I’ve put a lot of faith in one little adapter that supports my thrift-store prime lenses, but it’s a fairly sturdy little adapter and I think it will last a really, really long time now that it’s been reinforced by hammer (!) with a mount which was originally on a Miranda camera, a camera which had a broken shutter lever and a faulty electrical system.  The adapter is solid as could be, courtesy of Jared, despite his reluctance and fear that he would break the whole thing when I came to him begging him to secure the mount to the adapter tube with the hammer.  It is a far better adapter for his risk.

The photo of Oliver was taken for this post with one of the lenses and that adapter.

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