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Mysterious Family Photos

There are some mysteries with this family history project I’m doing, specifically the pictures like ones in this post.  I have no idea who this little girl above is, or how she may be related to me.  The photos here are part of a scrapbook, affixed to very, very old pages.  I’d love to investigate further, but not being trained in book studies, I’m afraid of destroying the pictures if we were to try to look on the back to see if anything is written.  There must be 50-75 pictures like these, in the same scrapbook.

I love the little boy’s ruffled outfit on the left in the photo above.  A little research and it seems to be a variation of a Fauntleroy suit, which was popular in the late 1800s.

The mystery may never be solved, but the pictures are beautiful as they are.  I love her hat in the one below:

I love the next one, too.  Besides an awesome bonnet, it shows that she really must have loved animals:

I just wish I knew who these people were!

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