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Friday Night Family Night

Tonight we went to see “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax,” and then to the park.  It was a fantastic family night, though I will say that my boys were on the fringe of being just old enough for “The Lorax.”  At times, both of them thought it was a little scary.

J gave me some good photography advice tonight.  He said, “Just start snapping and get as many pictures as you can.”  He’s right; I’ve been far too concerned about getting just the right pose.  As a result, the boys get bored and look miserable in most of the pictures I take.  I think tonight was much more enjoyable for all on the picture front at the park.  Here are some of the better shots I got:

a rare goofy shot of J
a rare goofy shot of J

I am in love with my little family, for sure.

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