“The Light”

A few years ago, an elderly friend shared with me this poem he’d written.  It’s been on display in my living room since then.  He was on my mind this afternoon, though, and I feel like it’s such a beautiful poem that it should be shared with the world, or at least my little audience.

“The Light”

It was late in the evening

and darkness upon the land did lay.

Then there was light

light brighter than the day

This was not the light of the sun or moon

or the light of uncounted stars

this was a light so clean and pure

that even time stood still.

Some, like me, stood in awe

others to their knees did fall

still others hid their faces

in fear and horror

not trusting the Lord for the morrow

But as one watched and embraced the quiet

the truth of the light was revealed

only from the glow of the face of God

could light such as this be real

Then after a time, if time there was

a change in the light began

the light quietly faded

and the show of love began

Color never before seen by man

the soft color of love clear and true

blended by the hand of God

as only the Almighty could do.

Then the meaning like a mighty hymn

God’s reminder to return to him.

— A.S.

“The above is based on an actual happening.  June 29, 2008”

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