On Feeling Good

Today will be a good day.  I woke up in a good mood, my family’s had breakfast, I’ve done some yoga, meditation and journaling, and now this short writing.  I’m in the mood to work on my house:  a mood which has been rare lately but is a good sign toward good health.  Whenever I am in a more healthy mood, I naturally want to take better care of my surroundings.

It feels fantastic to have a new hobby, this making glass beads stuff.  I turned out one of the better beads I’ve made yesterday before the boys got back home.  J helped me rearrange our garage such that it’s a better working environment for me in there now (I’ve even got a proper chair)!  Fun, fun stuff.  I’ve fairly well given up on other beads, aside from my crystal ones, for now.  Though, paper and glass beads would be fun….now, there’s an idea!  Got tons of magazines out there, for sure.

J got a new desk (Thanks, W & C!) and he got it set up yesterday, so I got a new work station for our guest room that’s just for my crafty stuff and my photo box.

Time to get cracking!  Maybe we’ll head to the Dinosaur Museum for the kids today.  (J, what do you think?)

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