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Miscellaneous Miscellany and…New Camera!

This was a fun mock-up for a friend. Yay!  Can’t wait to get started on one that I take a little more time and care with.  🙂

The last day and a half have been tough.  Mixed symptoms are there….inability to focus on any one thing and high creative drive are more of my manicky symptoms, but I’ve also had low interest in anything outside the bed and extreme fatigue, on the depressive end of things.  So, I find it hard to rate my mood at the moment and thus, it’s also hard to find coping mechanisms.

My boys are out of school for the Holidays and this means hours to fill to entertain them.  We’ll take at least a day making Christmas presents and I’m excited about that.  We’ll also probably have an outing to the city at least once during the break.  If the weather holds out, they’ll play outside plenty over the next few days, too.  Christmas weekend will be relatively easy.  J has the same two-week break from work that the boys have from school, so I’m sure the break will fly by.

I got a Sony Alpha NEX 5N for early-Christmas from J.  !!  I love, love, love this camera!  I’ve got the kit lens that comes with for now and I’m okay with that for a very long time to come because I’m a novice photographer that doesn’t know any better.  This mirrorless ILC has all the pre-sets I could ever really want plus the ability to do manual manipulation as well.  The camera took my new profile photo as seen on the Manifesto page, as well as the shot of the faux flowers above.  Let’s see if I can find some other decent shots I’ve taken thus far:

Ironically, I haven’t taken any pictures of the boys yet with this camera.  J is not happy having his picture taken so he made a goofy face as you can see above…he looks mad but he swears he was smiling.  Oh well!  So…I’ll have to get busy shooting more pics!  At any rate, I’m extremely happy with the clarity of the shots above, clarity that was impossible with my little Kodak point-and-shoot.  I’m using Pixelmator as my image manipulation software and again, I’m still just learning how to use it but I’m very happy with it thus far.

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