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Caroline’s 10-Point Mood Scale

I did some homework tonight.

I made up my 10-Point Mood Scale, something I can refer to when I’m acknowledging my bipolar symptoms daily and trying to cope.  I’m pretty proud!  This is something that someone has been prodding me to put on paper since last Spring.  The paper version is a pocket-sized version that’s very colorful and has coping techniques on both sides.  The point of this is for me to take stock daily of where I fall on this chart and use my coping techniques to help make thingss better.  Yay!

Below is what I came up with:

0 = Depressed = Suicidal.  Call Therapist, Call Psychiatrist, Go to ER…All viable options.  Do something pleasurable to distract, Journal.

1 = Depressed = Hopeless, Tearful, Sleep all the time, High appetite.  Call Psychiatrist, Call Therapist, Call a friend, Journal, Take a walk, Find inspirational sayings, Do art of choice, Take a short nap.

2 = Depressed = Difficulty concentrating, Too focused, Tearful, High appetite.  Journal, Knit for short periods of time, Eat well in moderation, Do artwork, Call Therapist, Call Psychiatrist.

3 = Depressed = Angry, Sleepy, Irritable, Tense, Sad.  Acknowledge and move on, Draw to sort out thoughts, Do art of choice, Let Therapist and Psychiatrist know at next appointments, Journal.

4 = Stable = Lethargic, Sad.  Take a walk, Journal, Do a little yoga, drink some tea.

5 = Stable = Positive mood, Feel good physically.  Take a walk, Do a little yoga, Drink some tea, Do some housework, Journal.

6 = Stable = Positive mood, Creative.  Take a walk, Journal, Do yoga, Drink some tea, Do some housework, Work on a project.

7 = Manic = Moderately creative, Too focused.  Work on a project, Journal, Knit for short time, Clean house, Let Therapist and Psychiatrist know at next appointments.

8 = Manic = Difficulty sleeping, Irritable, Spending too much money, low appetite.  Rest with tea and music, Journal, Take a bath, Call Therapist and Psychiatrist, Hand over credit card, Don’t buy anything without talking to J, Eat well in moderation.

9 = Manic = Difficulty concentrating, Creativity in overdrive, Listen to music constantly, Unusual interests.  Do artwork, Journal, Knit for short periods of time, Take breaks, Do housework, Talk to J, Call Therapist and Psychiatrist.

10 = Manic = Paranoid, Easily agitated, Abundance of energy, Can’t sleep, Do bold things, low appetite.  Call Therapist, Call Psychiatrist, Go for Assessment, Go to ER…. all viable options.  To cope while waiting, Journal thoughts, Have some tea.

So that’s it.  These are the symptoms that I am able to identify in the moment thus far.  I am sure that there will be more symptoms I can identify as I become more self-aware, so I’m prepared for the idea that this will become a work-in-progress document.  But it’s something I intend to have on me most days.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, today has been a 4.  Most of my days this week have been 4’s.

That’s all for now.

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