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My J: My Hero

I don’t sing praises to my J often enough.

He loves me and the boys. That would be enough for me.

He goes to work every day to make a living for us. That helps and is extra.

He never hesitates to take over when I am tired, regardless of the time of day or task at hand. That is far above what would be required of him and is another extra.

He understands my past. He accepts that there are demons I fight every day and he recognizes that there are days when reality overwhelms me.

When I ask, he’s there for any psychiatrist and therapist appointment. It’s not just that he accepts my mental illness. He’s helping me get better. This man fills my reminder pill boxes and reminds me nightly to take my medicine.

It’s so much fun to watch J with our boys. They idolize him, rightfully so. He’s teaching them to become men. I will be happy if they retain his integrity and sense of love for his family. If I’m lucky, they’ll learn much more than that from him.

Some women have to worry about a man with wandering eyes. My only jealousies have been fabricated out of my own imagination in my relationship with J. J has made it clear by both his words and his actions that I am the only woman for him and he’s made good on that promise.

He’s brilliant. He’s wonderful. He’s devoted.

I am so lucky that he’s mine. I love you, J. I am definitely a fan.

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