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Mission Statement Amended

So, today has been rough as the antibiotics are not being nice to my body.  Sore throat is almost gone, but the trade-off is not easy on my tummy.  Feeling physically bad has just made the depression all the worse.  Poor J, I won’t really let him help the way he wants to.  Today was supposed to be a workday but I called in since I feel so bad.  Luckily, today is also a school day for both boys, so at least they’re getting socialization.

I’ve re-worked the blog a little bit and it helps some.  I’m still not happy and likely won’t be until I learn some CSS.  But it’s been a diversion I can work on from the bed, which is where I’ve refused to leave for a while.

I’ve been tweaking the mission statement some over the past few weeks.  Time for a final run-through:

“My mission is to be a steward of empathy, encouragement, kindness, and creativity to everyone I meet.

“As a partner, I pledge to practice tolerance and balance, in order to always support J as we grow together.  I will actively use my imagination to remember that the possibilities in our life together are still endless.

“As a mother, I will model my values of authenticity, integrity, happiness, love, fairness, peace and personal development for Be-Bop and Rock Steady as they grow, with the hope that they will become self-aware individuals who make positive contributions to the world in the unique way they choose.

“As a woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder, I have experienced first-hand the stigma that made me feel need to be ‘closeted’ in the past about my condition, for fear of losing jobs or friends.  I will seek to fight the stigmas, bigotry, and ignorance surrounding issues facing the mentally ill by first and foremost being open about my own continuous struggle.  I will seek out supportive environments that allow me to be myself on both good days and bad ones.  I will refrain from using words like “crazy” or “lunatic,” even in joking, because those words only feed the stereotypes out there and, deep down, they do makes me feel less than human.

“As a contributor to the world through employment and volunteerism, I will use my spiritual gift of helps in all things I do, to honor God’s love in my life.  I will remember to always temper my service with self-care which includes use of various artistic mediums, so that I may always give freely and without reservation.”

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