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My Mission Statement

I’m taking this development class and as part of it, I am to write a personal mission statement.  I am way ahead of the class and my instructors would probably frown on it, but I worked through the rest of the material all afternoon today and came up with my mission statement.  For the record, this is the second time I have taken this class.  I took a lot less time and knew a lot less about myself the first go ’round, so my mission statement was, looking back, very contrived and forced.  This one just flowed:

“My mission is to be a steward of empathy, encouragement, kindness, and creativity to everyone I meet.

“As a partner, I pledge to practice tolerance and balance in order to always support J as we grow.  I will use my imagination to remember that the possibilities of our service to the world are endless.

“As a mother, I will model my values of authenticity, integrity, tolerance, happiness, balance, creativity, love, and fairness for Be-Bop and Rock Steady as they grow, in the hopes that they will grow to be self-aware individuals who make positive contributions to the world in the unique way they choose.

“As an employee and business owner, I will practice integrity and use my spiritual gift of helps in all things I do, to honor God’s love in my life.

“My experience with bipolar disorder is a passion given by God, as I am able to share my experiences with mental illness without reservation.  I will seek to volunteer for local and national organizations to help spread positive messages which will fight the traditional stigmas felt by the mentally ill in our society, encouraging those who need help to get it and providing support to their friends and family members.

“As a volunteer to our community and world, I will remember to be authentic and creative in giving of my time and resources.”

That’s it so far.  I’m not sure I’m done.  The ending feels like it needs some work.  But I’m pretty drained.

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